1. Cost management of development projects - projects, forward-looking and interim budgets, contracts, suppliers, records of invoices in EUR and local currency, prints of relevant documents, statistics of invoices, individual items and variability of projects, cashflow

2. Production and sale of furniture boards - orders from the website, contracts, production, warehouses, price lists, customers, complaints, prints of relevant documents, sales statistics


3. Production and sale of footwear - orders, invoices, warehouses of pairs and soles, price lists, customers, prints of relevant documents, samples of soles and individual shoes


4. Production of membranes and seals - orders, invoices, warehouses, receipts/disbursements, production steps, product sets, customers, lists of articles, price lists, prints of relevant documents, production and turnover statistics


5. Registration and enforcement of collective claims - claims, lawsuits, courts, executions, executors, printing of reminders, lawsuits and proposals for execution

6. Translations, graphics and printing - detailed structured orders, translations, DTP, customers, suppliers, translators incl. evaluation of results, disciplines and sub-disciplines, structured orders from the website, trade statistics, price lists, delivery notes, document prints in the required languages

7. Production of fiberglass parts - orders, production preparation, assortment, material consumption, lamination forms, work groups and costs

8. Production of metal-machined parts - orders, production phases, inspection, drawings, protocols, customers, articles, machine tools

9. Production, sale and repair of hydraulic aggregates - receiving and issuing orders, technological procedures, production schedule, material warehouse

A brand new module can be created according to the customer's requirements.


1. Wages and employees - timesheets including statistics, wage rates, seasonal allowances, list of workplaces, direct connection to production, prints of relevant documents

2. Exchange rates and currencies - list of foreign currencies and their exchange rates to CZK including the scope of validity, automatic loading of currency exchange rates via the Internet from the CNB web service

3. CRM - business partners, directory, establishments, contact persons

4. Accounting- in development

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